Message From The Chairman

October 2022

My Fellow Orange County Citizens,

On Monday, October 3rd at 7pm, the Orange County School Board will meet in a public forum. This allows the public to voice any concerns directly to the school board. This will be a pivotable meeting affecting your children and your parental rights! We need you there!

One of the topics will involve a proposed Resolution which declares that students shall not be subjected to curriculum, materials, and discussions relating to sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other sexually explicit subject without explicit consent from their parent(s). The Resolution further requires that schools notify parents of healthcare services and involvement in critical decisions affecting students’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being; including, but not limited to self-identification.

Discussions regarding this Resolution have prompted several very emotional presentations in previous meetings. Many of the presentations demonstrated a misunderstanding of the Resolution. Some may have been an effort to spread misinformation and fear.

Senate Bill 908, which passed in 2013, already recognizes parental rights. Following the passage of Senate Bill 656 during the 2022 legislative session, written notice of sexually explicit content is now a requirement. Furthermore, school boards are required to adopt a policy to comply with Senate Bill 656 before January 1, 2023. So, the recognition of this Resolution confirms that the Orange County School Board and the Orange County Public Schools are not only in compliance but are following current laws and regulations.

I am asking you to make every effort to attend this meeting to show support for this Resolution. Please plan to arrive between 6:15-6:30pm.

Thank you,

Ken Wyvill  


PO Box 1256
Orange, 22960

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